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Tinnitus Management

Fortunately, with today’s hearing technology, there is help available for many who suffer from tinnitus.   

Approximately 60% of people with tinnitus get some relief just by using a hearing aid regularly.   For those who require more in-depth management, most hearing instruments now incorporate some form of sound therapy.  Different sounds or noises can be individualized and manipulated to be more pleasing and ‘redirect’ your brain from the tinnitus.  This is usually accompanied by education and counseling from your audiologist. In some cases, including other professionals (psychologist, neurologist, etc) in management is very successful.  

Tinnitus management and treatment is even more individualized than customizing a hearing aid!  This is an area that Angie enjoys and takes pride in treating. Many hearing professionals do not want to take the extra time that is required when someone is affected by tinnitus and as such, Angie also receives referrals from professional colleagues in the area.

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